Protect Our Benefits is a political action committee representing retirees from the City & County of SF, the SFUSD, the Community College District and the Court System.

The California Retired Teachers Association is a statewide retired teacher organization that focuses attention on informing legislators of the needs of retired educators and providing money-saving member benefits. Some information requires proof of membershiip.

The California Alliance of Retired Americans is the state branch of Alliance for Retired Americans that works with retired worker and community groups to win rights and a secure future.

The Social Security Fairness Committee is a volunteer group started in the SF Bay Area to seek repeal of the Social Security offsets (WEP and GPO) that unfairly cut the income of retired teachers in 15 states, local government employees in 26 states and federal employees hired before 1986.

The Older Womens League of SF, a branch of the national organization, works on behalf of midlife and older women and forms alliances with other groups with similar interests and goals.

Tell your SF supervisors what you think

Provides ‘the laws of San Francisco for non-lawyers’ 

SF311- an app that allows people to quickly report problems such as a broken streetlight or graffiti for phone or  for computer

A wide variety of information on topics of interest to older Americans.

Go there to check out details about scams, urban legends and more.

Consumer Reports provides ongoing information about what to watch out for online.

An SF Bay Area site that helps individuals and families prepare for earthquakes and other natural and not so natural disasters.

A Consumer Reports site that offers information on everything from foods and personal care to electronics and cars.

Leading crime prevention organization in SF, helping residents, community groups and police work together for safer neighborhoods.

Tips for reaching live customer service reps at thousands of companies and government offices.

The Family Caregiver Alliance supports caregivers with information about community services, state programs and other caregiver issues.

Non-partisan, non-profit site for voters that monitors the accuracy of political statements and other "facts."

This Alliance for Retired Americans site provides commentary and plans for action on issues of concern to older people, especially those associated with the labor movement.